Moony Spoony

I want my wok back
I wish
for its return
I do
it was well-seasoned
dark and tasty

Non-circumspectly hankered for, it is
Wed-locked to it, I was
Wrecked without it, I am
Well, actually, I could always buy another one

~ ~ ~

Damp grease everywhere
Rough, stubbly armchair fabric, sticky door handle
Sink by the back window, damp stained plaster
Formica worn down to grey
Carcass heap of spent matches
Cobwebs in corners, hanging from lightshades
Guitars and talk and record player
Kick clear a bit of floorspace
Salty sprats, burnt baked beans
Metallic Nescafe

~ ~ ~

Rendered Frames

I went for a walk today
on Google Streetview
now my legs are aching

I switch off my PC
I need to rest
the room goes dark

~ ~ ~