She came to see me
asked if I was happy
if I was settled
then stood by the window
so the sun shone through her clothes
and I fell
into thinking
what if

I knew she wanted to hurt me
for not being someone else

~ ~ ~

The Reading Room

Sat congealed in cavernous leeb, flicking, flipping,
not observing, when upcroached Lively, spitting,
cursing, "Y have ma chair", "Nay dunna", scuffle there,
and then eject, next bond of pals, drinkin mindless,
till one day woman split, cut deep, tis prehistoric,
genetic, no fret,
well not for ye,
sad but end.

~ ~ ~


My neck is cramped with knots
tight lumps
warped memory cards
stuck-full with hard anecdotes
oh yes, corrupted

~ ~ ~